At the Office

Our first face-to-face session takes place in the office and its structure consists of:

  • Taking a medical history
  • Medical history and weight history
  • Nutritional and dietary intake and food intake
  • Body weight measurement, body composition analysis
  • Measurement of resting basal metabolic rate (RMR)
  • Design of a personalized nutrition program
  • Counseling & Education

At the recheck in the following sessions, we discuss the progress and any difficulties in the implementation of the diet plan, body weight measurement and body composition analysis, redesign and modification of the diet plan, continuous nutrition education and counseling and encouragement and motivation of the individual, step by step, until our next goal!


Our session can also be held remotely (online), using technology. Remote sessions are conducted in exactly the same way as face-to-face sessions, except that in remote sessions we use electronic means of communication (telephone, Viber, Messenger, Skype, regular call or video call) as a tool. All that is required on your part is a home digital scale and an Internet connection.

As in the face-to-face nutrition sessions, nutrition education and counseling is provided. Remote sessions can be just as effective as those in person. Weighing is done on a home scale, along with some measuring with a tape measure on specific body points that the dietitian will indicate.

More specifically, in the first session we will discuss:

  • Taking your medical history
  • Obtaining Nutritional and Weight History
  • Nutritional status and dietary intake
  • Design of an individualized nutrition plan (after receiving a dietary assessment (dietician’s recommendation)
  • Counselling & Education

In subsequent online sessions, we will evaluate the program, discuss any difficulties or obstacles, redesign and modify the nutrition program, continue the nutrition education and counseling, and offer encouragement and motivation, step-by-step, until the next goal is reached, just like in a face-to-face recheck!

Ideally, if the client is able, a recheck could be carried out in the office, taking measurements of body composition analysis and resting basic metabolic rate (RMR), gaining additional directness through face-to-face communication.

Finally, nutrition plans are sent via e-mail.


Necessary conditions for body composition analysis:

  • No food and fluids (water, drinks, coffee) for about 4 hours before the measurement.
  • No alcohol in the last 8-12 hours.
  • No vigorous physical excercise in the last 8-12 hours.
  • Women should not be near (2-3 days before) or during menstruation.

The use of certain medications (e.g. diuretics, anti-inflammatories) may affect the result of the measurement. Also, for safety precautions, body composition analysis is not performed in people who have a pacemaker and in pregnant women.

Necessary conditions for measuring metabolism:

  • No food, caloric liquids, coffee and caffeinated beverages for about 4 hours before the measurement.
  • No alcohol in the last 8-12 hours.
  • No smoking for about 4 hours before measurement.
  •  No vigorous physical excercise for at least 8 hours before measurement.
  • No nutritional supplements and drugs that directly affect metabolism (e.g. ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, narcotics) for at least 4 hours before measurement.

For the most accurate and comparable results possible, it is particularly important that the exact same conditions (clothing, time) are observed for each subsequent test.

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